It is often used to suppress before and after the powder compression Flock Machine ratio

Flock Machine

Formability and powder physical properties, in addition to by the grain size, grain shape and size composition. Modern automobiles, aircraft, construction machinery, instrumentation, aerospace, military, nuclear energy, computers industries require the materials with many special properties or parts in special working conditions. Their processes are loading with powder, pressing, packing and mold releasing. People take advantage of this feature to form the powder in order to obtain the desired products. It means that the whole has certain fluidity and each particle has molding characteristic.

Powder compaction feature is the ability to produce other methods can not or difficult to manufacture the products. The powder compaction contributes to solve these tasks closely relating to the development of science and technology. In general, the higher the price of metal powders, powder metallurgy equipment and tooling investment, the part geometry is subject to certain restrictions, so the powder metallurgy parts suitable for mass production.

Repressive of metal powder includes compression and molding. It usually has compacts on the flexural strength or compressive strength as the indicator of the formability test. Order to improve the formability, often in the powder by adding a small amount of lubricant such as zinc stearate, paraffin, rubber and so on.

Because of the differences in ingredients and compositions of powder metallurgy products, the sintering process can be the solid-phase sintering or liquid phase sintering (sintering of special products such as cemented carbide, cermet, etc.

It is a method for manufacturing various kinds of parts and products after compaction, and sintering. In order to ensure the compacts quality, it has a certain strength, and easy to transport in the production process, powder, good formability. Although other methods can also be manufactured using powder metallurgy method is more economical.

The metal manganese powder compaction is a major and fundamental process. The powder’s compress is related to powder hardness, plastic deformation capacity and hardening. It can be prepared from materials such as refractory, extremely hard, and special performance, high utilization of materials, close to 100%. Heated to high temperatures, the diffusion process between the powder in the sintering process, the contact surface of the boron powder compacts combine a solid block. The sintering process in a dedicated sintering furnace. The compression is good or bad decision to the strength and density of the compacts. It is often used to suppress before and after the powder compression Flock Machine ratio. The granular materials have dual characteristics of both liquid and solid. Compaction, steel mold to suppress the fluid such as static suppression, to suppress, powder forging, extrusion, vibration suppression, high energy rate forming

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